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When I entered ninth grade, I was pretty pathetic.

That previous summer, I had learned how to snap my fingers and
whistle. I was so petrified, I would walk around between classes
snapping my fingers and whistling.

It got worse pretty quickly. My school had an ice cream social for the
ninth graders. I sat at a table with this cute blond girl and a couple
other people.

I taught myself to touch-type the summer before, and was nervously
typing everything we were saying against the table. Like I was some
kind of court stenographer. She began talking to the other people at
the table instead.

That same year, I took a typing class that still had the old manual
typewriters. Because I already knew touch-typing, I zipped along while
everyone else was hunting and pecking.

I think at least one person noticed and got a little resentful,
because when I came to class one day, on a sheet of paper in my
assigned typewriter someone had typed,

Micah¾is a prick.

This Pathetic Geek Story was submitted by¾Micah.



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