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"I'm very glad you do this… However, I must admit that looking at your site is a little like picking at a scab.
No—more like stabbing at an old scar or playing baseball with a phantom limb but actually hitting with the stump."

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A few submission guidelines...


Though I can (and do) edit for length, try to keep it direct and concise. I want as much of your voice to appear in the cartoon—express yourself, but brevity is appreciated.


Never submit for submission's sake; relax and let the memories hit you. Maybe something from the PGS archive will jog your memory. Only try to avoid relating an experience that too closely resembles an earlier strip.


You can be anonymous by request, if it helps you to be honest. However, I do ask that you include your real name and address, email or street. That way, if I have questions about your story, and I often do, I can contact you. I prefer to contact people in writing. I do not prefer to contact people by phone.


I’m sorry I can’t write everyone back personally. Don’t be offended by this. If I like your story, I will try to write you back within several weeks, but sometimes it takes me longer.


Please include a permanent email or street address with your submission. By that, I mean an address at which you can be readily contacted. If you have one, please use your own email address. I do not recommend using a friend or relative’s email address—that’s produced some weird situations in the past when I’ve tried to contact submitters.


If I try to contact you and get no response or a failed delivery message, I will not use your story.


Even if you regret submitting a story and don't want it illustrated, please respond anyway and tell me so. I don't want to waste my time, and I'm not here to humiliate anyone.


and type "PGS Submission" in the subject line. You will receive an automatic confirmation message stating that I received your story and will try to read it as soon as possible. It’s my anal way of letting you know the story arrived in my mailbox. Please don’t reply to the automatic confirmation message.


Emails without a Pathetic Geek Story (like love or hate mail) should be sent to to avoid the stupid automatic confirmation message.


Finally, I hold the copyright to all Pathetic Geek Stories comics, and written submissions to PGS become my property.